Discover a new side of Thailand's street food with new noodles, rice and curry dishes by Chef Nuit. 

Noodle Soup $14

Create your own noodle soup bowl...

2. Choose a soup broth

Boat Noodle GF

Ma Naew P

Tom Yum SH SP

Yen Tao Fo GF

Vegan Broth V



Sen Buk (Konjac Noodles GF V

Mhm Leung (Egg Wheat Noodles)

Sen Mhi (Brown Rice Vermicelli)  GF

Sen Yai (Flat Rice noodle) GF

3.Choose a protein

Tofu and Mushroom

BBQ Pork

Poached Beef

Grilled Chicken 

Rice Dishes $14

Khao Mun Gai  ข้าวมันไก่ต้ม หรือ -ข้าวมัน 
Poached or fried chicken served with steamed ginger rice, pickled bean and ginger dipping sauce and winter melon soup

Khao Kha Moo ข้าวขาหมู
Braised pork hock in five spice broth served on jasmine rice with pickled mustard greens, soft boiled eggs, and sour dipping sauce 


Gaeng Karee  แกงกะหรี่ไก่ หรือ เต้าหู้ 
Deep fried chicken or tofu topped with yellow curry sauce served with jasmine rice 

Gaeng Tae Pho แกงเทโพเต้าหู้ 
Red curry with tofu and morning glory served with jasmine rice 

Gaeng Kua Gai แกงคั่วหมูย่างใบชะพลูู 
Red curry with grilled Chicken and Betel leaves served with jasmine rice 

Specialty Dish $14 

Kao Lao Pi Sate เกาเหลาพิเศษ
House chicken soup with morning glory, bean sprouts, saw tooth coriander, pork balls, grilled chicken, beef, and fish balls served with jasmine rice